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So he invited Momo to train Yuta. The first time he met Momo, he was impressed by her beautiful, lovely face and seductive body. Yuta didn't want to look directly into Momo's eyes, but still kept his eyes on her thick, warm chest. And since then, Momo always appeared in Yuta's mind, he couldn't stop thinking about her. Tomorrow he had forgotten that Momo was going to teach today, Yu was still panting thinking about her. Suddenly Momo couldn't concentrate on the door, Momo came up with a plan to fulfill her wish! She knew Yuta wanted her breasts, so she let him squeeze and suck her breasts freely. Momo also used her hands to help him walk. The next day, Yuta rushed to finish his lesson to study more with Momo. Impressed by Yuta's efforts, Momo decides to “teach” he talks about women's bodies as well as “sex”. And since then, Utah has made incredible progress, getting better grades, more confident, happier. And after a while, Yuta decided to go back to school, his father felt very happy and grateful to Momo. He still maintains a relationship with her, and their relationship is no longer that of teacher and student …

A lustful tutor brings a shy student into life

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 Actor: Momo Sakura 

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